Wedding hair – up or down?

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Wedding hair – up or down?

It’s a tricky decision for some who are not sure what to go’s a few pointers to help you decide……

DRESS STYLE : If your dress has lots of detail around the neckline then think about having it all up…a few loose strands still look good and will soften the overall look. If you have more of a boat neck or strapless dress then either hair down or half up half down or even going over to one side to break up the plain lines will work really well

HAIR TYPE AND LENGTH: Of course there’s lots of tricks to give you fuller or longer hair …if you have fine hair and have a vision of walking down the aisle with long locks then look into clip in hair extensions….and you’ll have them to wear again, try and go for real hair extensions so that they can be curled. These also work if you want your hair up and don’t have the thickness just buy some that are the same length or a little bit longer than your own hair

WEATHER: Ok, so you dream of an outside wedding on the edge of a mountain or on a tropical beach….you need to think about how your hair will behave. If it’s going to be windy I always advise for hair to go up…they’ll be nothing worse than hair whipping you and your intended ..and also curls will only stand up to so much…not the look you were going for!Tropical beach…think of how your hair behaves in the heat and if you’ll end up a sweaty mess…if you really do want it down, work out an updo with your stylist that you can let down after the ceremony.

HAIR ACCESSORY/VEIL: Desperate for a flower crown? They usually look better with hair all down in a boho look…if you want your hair up get your florist to make a half flower crown on an alice band…this works fantastically! Your stylist can fit a veil whether you”re having your hair up or down. Get her to show your chief bridesmaid how to remove it for later on.

WHAT YOU’RE USED TO: You always wear your hair down and not sure if it suits you up or it makes you feel a bit bare or exposed. Talk to your stylist about this and they will be able to show you ways around this….lots of loose strands around your face works or a style over to one side. Hair always up but your dress suits hair down…then definitely try a half up half down look.

PINTEREST: If you haven’t used it before it’s easy! You can build mood boards for your wedding hair and makeup…just pin things you like and watch your style emerge. Show to your hair and make-up artist and they will come up with a bespoke look just for you!

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