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Wedding hair and make-up for older brides

So it's second (or third!) time round ...or maybe you just never got around to getting married before (like me). As an older bride, it brings with it a heap of different questions about how you want to look on your big day.

Do not be fooled into thinking you need a load of make up on for the photos. It's just not true and can be really ageing and you will not feel your best if you're not used to it.

If you have a certain look, say for instance you won't be seen dead without your signature red lipstick then your wedding day is not the day to ditch it. You want to look like you but better. Your skin needs to look glowy rather than caked on...with just enough definition around your eyes..and I have lots of tricks for this, one of them being single eyelashes which look fabulous without looking like a drag queen.

Make sure your skin is in tip top condition ...start a skincare routine of cleansing and moisturising and exfoliate to get rid of any dry skin. If your skin is plumped and moisturised for the big day, that's half of the battle.

I'm of a certain age too so know all about the eye creases that happen on our eyelids as we age...eyeshadow that is too shimmery will just enhance that so matte eyeshadow is best with a hint of shimmer in the corners. Keep concealer under the eyes to a minimum and use a really good quality one like Touche Eclait by Yves St Laurent...this has been in my kit since I can remember...If you have darker colouration under the eyes then Nars do a fab one called Radiant Creamy Concealer. Remember more pink tones will counteract dark brown under the eyes.

Strong eyebrows are in fashion but don't be misled into thinking this will work for you, by all means give them a bit more strength with a brow shadow palette rather than a pencil which again can look harsh.

Highlighters can bring real life to our faces especially in daylight, I always use one that's very fine rather than glittery ...add just a hint to give a plumped, glowy look. Use face powder sparingly as a face that has a bit of shine will always look more youthful than a completely powdered face.

Make sure you body is moisturised too to complement your face with a healthy glow.

Other than that ,don't confident and knock em dead!

Happy wedding day!!

Claire Beever making brides feel fabulous in Brighton, Sussex, Kent and the south east.

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